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Success: Fire Tetris is ready for the playa (and bugs!)

Success! Fire Tetris is ready to take on the playa. The installation is complete and will be loaded onto the truck tomorrow. Black Rock City here we come! A big thank you to all our supporters who have made this possible.

And big thanks to David Adelman who put together this video, using new and old footage, after coming by to visit the team. For those still wondering what Fire Tetris is, this video does a great job explaining the crazyepic’ness.

Oh and have you heard about swarms of bugs on the playa?

You may have seen the bug rumors on the internet. We are here to tell you that they are all true. Well maybe not all of the rumors, but the bugs are real. They’re everywhere. They bite. They crawl all over you. They get up and in you.

Fear not. We are bringing one badass bug repellant . [Bugs attracted to light + Fire Tetris = Protein]



Last weekend’s work

We fitted the riser pipe to ensure correct spacing of the frames and manifold, installed flameboxes on all 8 panels to locate and drill mounting holes, filed a few ill-fitting flameboxes, wired solenoids on 6 of 8 panels, and started welding Magma’s cage.

3 weeks ’till departure and things are going well!

PS: We may need more minions on work weekends – check the mailing list for the shift doodles!


IMG_20150725_162552 IMG_20150725_162600 IMG_20150726_174026 IMG_20150726_174053

Photos of the first panel tests

We are very happy to announce that we have officially exceeded our Kickstarter campaign goal. We will be making updates to our campaign shortly in order to keep our supporters posted on the progress of the project. Here are photographs of the first panel test at the Firefly Arts Collective last week.

Thank you all so much for your support! You are making Fire Tetris possible.
– The Fire Tetris team

IMG_0028 IMG_0032 IMG_0038 IMG_0042 Image_GS Image_GS2IMG_0046 IMG_0050 IMG_0058 IMG_0092 IMG_0097 IMG_0106

Fire Tetris first panel test

Last week, the Fire Tetris team tested the first completed panel (out of 8) at the Firefly Arts Collective, a Boston Burning Man regional event held in Vermont. Watch our progress below.

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Moreover, our Kickstarter campaign is 96% funded at this time! Thank you to all our supporters!
– The Fire Tetris team

Fire Tetris Kickstarter

ALL SYSTEMS GO! THE FIRE TETRIS KICKSTARTER HAS BEGUN! This is YOUR chance to be part of history and help Fire Tetris make it to the playa! You’ll even get some killer swag for your donation! Can’t donate? Share the link! *Can* donate? Share it anyway!!

NOTRE KICKSTARTER A COMMENCÉ! Aidez-nous à amener Fire Tetris à Burning Man! Nous avons même de beaux cadeaux pour vous remercier de nous supporter. SVP partager ce lien à tous, que vous puissiez faire un don ou non.

Click here: Fire Tetris Kickstarter

Copy the following link:

Or watch the video below:


– Thank you so much from the whole team! Merci beaucoup de toute l’équipe!

The build moves forward! Now with high-temp wires and igniters.

We’ve installed the first batch of flame heads and heat shields on one panel, and we’re now busy getting it ready for testing at FireFly!

We also have the ceramic igniter bodies on hand (thanks, Tony!), and started mounting them on the panels, along with wiring them using high-temperature oven wire. Now onto wiring the solenoids, igniter power supplies and control electronics!

We’re getting really close to putting some propane in this thing!!
Also, TigerTank.

Music: Call for submissions

Attention music producers!

Have you always secretly been wanting to remix the Tetris theme song? Would you like to have your music played as part of a major art installation at Burning Man 2015?

If so, then this is your chance! We’re accepting “remixes” (broadly defined) of the Tetris theme music to accompany our Fire Tetris project. Pretty much anything goes – the music can be as tetrissy or un-tetrissy as you like, any genre, etc. Just remember that it will be the soundtrack to people playing a 27′ high game of Tetris made of fire and steel on the playa. (!!!!!)

To get started, you can download the MIDI file for the original Gameboy ThemeA music here. But of course feel free to use any other theme, or go about incorporating the theme as you wish.

~Payment will be bragging rights for you. …We’ll also happily send you some Fire Tetris swag =) ~

Please e-mail your remix to

Looking forward to hearing what people come up with! Please feel free to share this call far and wide, to anyone who may be interested.

Deadline for submissions is July 31st!