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Success: Fire Tetris is ready for the playa (and bugs!)

Success! Fire Tetris is ready to take on the playa. The installation is complete and will be loaded onto the truck tomorrow. Black Rock City here we come! A big thank you to all our supporters who have made this possible.

And big thanks to David Adelman who put together this video, using new and old footage, after coming by to visit the team. For those still wondering what Fire Tetris is, this video does a great job explaining the crazyepic’ness.

Oh and have you heard about swarms of bugs on the playa?

You may have seen the bug rumors on the internet. We are here to tell you that they are all true. Well maybe not all of the rumors, but the bugs are real. They’re everywhere. They bite. They crawl all over you. They get up and in you.

Fear not. We are bringing one badass bug repellant . [Bugs attracted to light + Fire Tetris = Protein]



One thought on “Success: Fire Tetris is ready for the playa (and bugs!)

  1. Jonathan Heiniemi says:

    Would have loved to see this, so sad i missed it.  If you bring it out next year let me know.  We were/are Tetrion, a camp built by hawaii fire artists and supported by the owner of tetris who also is a burner, and all around cool guy.

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