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Flamepixel at Burning Man 2017!

We’re bringing a flamepixel panel back to the playa! We’ll be displaying a 5×5 grid of awesomeness at KAOS, 7:00 and A. Look for the maze at that corner and we’ll be right beside it, 20′ further down 7:00 towards the man.

Here’s a short video from our tests 2 weekends ago. The ignition isn’t perfect in this video but we have over 175 spare ignitors so we’ll be fine 😺😺😺

MIAOU Labs Coming Soon

The hardworking cats at MIAOU Labs have returned from Burning Man 2015, where they successfully installed Fire Tetris, ran it for 6 nights, then packed it up without a trace.

We are now working on a new website to showcase our projects and future plans.  In the meantime, if you haven’t seen our stories and photos from the creation of Fire Tetris, it’s all below!