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The build moves forward! Now with high-temp wires and igniters.

We’ve installed the first batch of flame heads and heat shields on one panel, and we’re now busy getting it ready for testing at FireFly!

We also have the ceramic igniter bodies on hand (thanks, Tony!), and started mounting them on the panels, along with wiring them using high-temperature oven wire. Now onto wiring the solenoids, igniter power supplies and control electronics!

We’re getting really close to putting some propane in this thing!!
Also, TigerTank.

Music: Call for submissions

Attention music producers!

Have you always secretly been wanting to remix the Tetris theme song? Would you like to have your music played as part of a major art installation at Burning Man 2015?

If so, then this is your chance! We’re accepting “remixes” (broadly defined) of the Tetris theme music to accompany our Fire Tetris project. Pretty much anything goes – the music can be as tetrissy or un-tetrissy as you like, any genre, etc. Just remember that it will be the soundtrack to people playing a 27′ high game of Tetris made of fire and steel on the playa. (!!!!!)

To get started, you can download the MIDI file for the original Gameboy ThemeA music here. But of course feel free to use any other theme, or go about incorporating the theme as you wish.

~Payment will be bragging rights for you. …We’ll also happily send you some Fire Tetris swag =) ~

Please e-mail your remix to

Looking forward to hearing what people come up with! Please feel free to share this call far and wide, to anyone who may be interested.

Deadline for submissions is July 31st!



Here’s our art grant application, as submitted to Burning Man Arts.

And finally, here’s what one pixel looks like.  Now just imagine 200 of these and you’ve got the idea!


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